Our targeted search aims at placing the best talent with our clients.

For the past 33 years, we’ve contributed to the success of companies throughout the United States by sourcing and placing their most important asset – human capital. Exceptional employees are a prerequisite in today’s challenging and constantly changing workplace and business climate.

Unique among executive search firms, Steinfield Search Group, LP specializes in the placement of targeted positions for companies in a broad range of industries. Our proven research methodology, transparent communication style, and thorough and thoughtful approach result in identifying and placing candidates with the critical technical skills and interpersonal attributes required for each position.

Steinfield Search Group, LP possesses the expertise to evaluate highly-specialized position requirements and to identify and attract qualified candidates who are ideally matched to our clients’ business and culture.

Prior to founding Steinfield Search Group, LP, David Steinfield held executive search, human resources management and audit positions. Responsibilities included experienced and entry-level recruitment, career development, employee relations, human resources planning, training, and compensation.